Mail Followup

Function Kata „Mail Followup“

Implement a function which maps special mail followup email addresses to date and time values. You may also take a look at the „Mail Followup“ architecture kata.

The function to be implemented should have the following signature:

DateTime FollowupPointInTime(DateTime now, string emailaddress);

Examples for email addresses:

    In 7 days from now on.
    In 12 hours from now on.
    At next august the 15. at 9 A.M.
    In one week, three days and five hours from now on.

Feel free to add more functionality.


Here’s an example: if the function is called with the following values

var t = FollowupPointInTime(new DateTime(2013, 2, 4, 10, 30, 0),

then t has a value of

DateTime(2013, 2, 19, 11, 30, 0).