Priority Queue

Class Kata „Priority Queue“

Write a class that implements a queue that holds a priority for each element. Elements with a high priority are placed in front of elements with a lower priority. Elements with the same priority are ordered in the order they where inserted into the queue.

The interface of the class has to look like the following:

class PriorityQueue {
	void Enqueue(T element, int priority) {...}
	T Dequeue() {...}
	int Count() {...} // Number of elements in the Queue


new PriorityQueue<int>()
Enqueue(1, 5)(1,5)
Enqueue(2, 5)(1,5), (2,5)
Dequeue() -> 1(2,5)
Enqueue(3, 7)(3,7), (2,5)
Enqueue(4, 7)(3,7), (4,7), (2,5)
Enqueue(5, 3)(3,7), (4,7), (2,5), (5,3)
Count() -> 4