Tomato Timer

Architecture Kata “Tomato Timer”

Develop a software system to support you team working with the “pomodoro technique”.

A user logs in with his nickname or email address.

After login the user can start a tomato timer (or tomato for short) (default duration: 25 minutes). A countdown will be displayed. At the end of the tomato a visible/audible signal is given. But a tomato can also be cancelled at any time. After a tomato ended a new one can be started.

At any time the user can label the tomato with a task description. The default task for the next tomato is the task of the previous one.

After a tomato ended a timer for a break is started (default: 5 minutes). Every third break is longer (default: 15 min). But breaks can be cancelled, too. Or the user can start a new tomato before a break ended. The end of a break will be signaled visibly/audibly. A new tomato is not started automatically, though.

An overview shows how many tomatoes were done by a user with which tasks – and how many had been cancelled.

A second overview shows the current status of all users (team members): whether the have a tomato running or are in a break. This helps to plan when to talk to colleagues.

With a single click a user can send another one an email request to contact him during the next break.

Variation #1

Make the length of a tomato, the short and long break customizable.

Variation #2

Add explicit administration for teams and users.

Variation #3

For each task description the time spent in tomatos will be accumulated and shown in the overview.