Heckle Service

Architecture Kata “Heckle Service”

Develop a software system for attendees of conference talks to utter questions and give feedback to the presenter. Attendees shall be enabled to “heckle” the presenter ;-)

Heckles will be send via a web page to be opened on a laptop computer or smartphone. Attendees enter their hecke text (max. 512 characters), an optional subject line, their name and an email address.

After the heckle has been sent the presenter will be notified on his smartphone. A dedicated client for this is not necessary at first; use email or a service like Pushover to start with.

The presenter can read at least the beginning of the heckle as part of the notification. For the full heckle she has to open the software system’s website, though. The notification should contain a link to the full heckle.

In case the presenter does not want to react to individual notifications but wants to get an overview of which heckles have been sent she can at any time visit the website for a list of heckles.

To receive heckles the presenter has to register her talk (e.g. title, presenter’s name, time period during which heckles are accepted) with the software system. Likewise attendees have to select a particular talk for their heckles.

After the talk the presenter can download the heckles of a presentation and delete it.


Attendees may view a list of heckles they have sent. The email address is used for identification.