Application Kata „Newsletter “

Implement an application to edit the recipients of email newsletters [1].

For each recipient you have to add an email address. Optional you may edit name, surname, gender and a list of tags [2].

There should be some kind of editing support for the tags. The number of tags may be large so that one may not know them all by heart. To reduce misspelled tags they should be recognized while entering the beginning characters of a tag so that the user can select the tag by pressing return.

While entering an email address the application should search for the address. If an entry is found its complete data should be loaded and displayed to reduce duplicate entries.

It must be possible to select lists of entries from all the recipients by email address, name, tags or the date range where entries where added or changed. Such a list should be editable so that one can remove or add entries.

A list of recipients can be exported to a text file (CSV) or to the clipboard.


[1]The newsletter will be sent by a service like MailChimp ( The editing process of the email addresses isn’t very comfortable at these services. Furthermore the email addresses stem from various sources like business cards, email requests, training attendees etc.

[2]The tags may be used to depict the source of the address (for example training attendee). Or they may identify the newsletter for example „monthly newsletter“. Or they maybe used for other categories like language, region, etc.